Browse by mood or motivation

Browse by mood or motivation

Curated collections of FG classes and specialist videos for every mood and motivation

Browse by mood or motivation
  • Wake Up and Energise

    22 items

    Sequences to help awaken, invigorate, and leave you feeling ready to take on your day.

  • Fundamentals of Alignment

    13 items

    From simple How-To’s to in-depth alignment tutorials, Michele and her team will share their decades of experience.

  • Get HIGH
    20 items

    Get HIGH

    20 items

    Classes to thrill, elevate, release, and set you free. Let’s break the rules a little and get out of our minds.

  • Ground
    16 items


    16 items

    Sequences and classes to bring us back to earth. Open hips, legs and pelvis, and feel more connected to yourself and to the earth.

  • Next Level - Intermediate & Advanced Classes

    7 items

    Ready for more? Try our intermediate/advanced classes, arm balancing, splits and tutorials.

  • Yoga Bum

    8 items

    Calling all Booty. Target everything from butt to feet to get your lower body strong, toned and lifted while ensuring joints are aligned.

  • Let's get together

    12 items

    The energy of a group class in the comfort of your home. Hear corrections you might not have heard before, and enjoy the group feeling.

  • Fat Burners

    27 items

    Classes that will burn fat, increase stamina, tone and trim. Yoga meets fitness meets cardio.

    18 items


    18 items

    Connect with the power of breath to change your yoga practice and your life.

  • Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

    6 items

    Specialist classes for the powerhouse of glutes, legs, quads and feet. Stretch and balance these overworked areas for trouble free running, cycling and other sports.

  • FG Films

    7 items

  • FG Live
    36 items

    FG Live

    36 items

    A selection of our recorded livestreamed classes. Enjoy the giggles and community feeling of a livestream.

  • Yoga Sculpt

    32 items

    Building long, lean muscle burns more fat. Yoga strengthens the muscle in the lengthened position resulting in a toned, lithe body. This selection of classes will help you do just that.

  • Relax and Sleep

    20 items

    Classes to quieten the mind and stretch the body. Expect poses that calm the nervous system and sequences that stimulate the "feel good" and sleep-wake cycle hormones.

  • FG the desk

    9 items

    Release your neck, back, arms and hands. A selection of classes that act as a total desk-detox for the hunched and scrunched.

  • Yoga for Two (or more)

    1 item

    Classes to do with a partner, or that will get the whole family lying on the floor with you.

  • Relax and Let Go

    23 items

    Alternatives to a Valium, wine or a joint. Classes, meditations and practises for slowing down, releasing and relaxing.

  • The “I’m not flexible enough for Yoga” collection

    15 items

    For the stiff, scared, muscle bound and those who think yoga isn’t for them. For the old, tight or unfit. FG. Yoga. Is. For. You.

  • FG Outside

    19 items

    Do you like doing it outside? Join us as we globe trot. Enjoy yoga and nature and travel without having to take a covid test.

  • Keep it Core

    21 items

    Strengthen your entire core safely and burn through fat to unveil your newly sculpted abs.


    8 items

    Shake off your shackles and go off grid for an experimental, expansive journey through some of our most creative classes.