Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

Specialist classes for the powerhouse of glutes, legs, quads and feet. Stretch and balance these overworked areas for trouble free running, cycling and other sports.

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Yoga for Runners & Cyclists
  • Tight Hamstring Tutorial with Daniel

    Daniel will take you through common alignment errors and solutions to four popular leg stretches - Prasarita, Leg Stretching Pose, Straddle & Half-Cow.

    This knowledge will carry through to other poses that require us to forward bend and stretch the legs with correct pelvis alignment. Especially...

  • IN 30 #2 (Legs) with Michele

    Michele Pernetta leads you through some key poses from the IN class, with a particular emphasis on the lower body.

    IN is a slower floor-based class with deep stretches of shoulders, hips, hamstrings, quads, and wrists. This, the second 30 minute version of IN for FGTV On Demand, will leave you ...

  • Yoga for Runners & Cyclists

    Designed for runners and cyclists but a great class for anyone wanting to stretch tight hamstrings, hip flexors, glutei, quads, IT bands, psoas, calves and feet.

    This sequence can also help relieve knee, hip or lower back pain caused by an imbalance in the musculature of the lower body. Designed...

  • Classic 60 with Michele

    This motivating class develops alignment while building strength, stamina and flexibility.

    Our Classic yoga class is a great foundation class that is suitable for all ages and levels from the unfit to the experienced. Work through foundation poses that run throughout the FG yoga system. Build st...