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  • The story behind the FG logo

    What do you see when you look at our logo? In this quick clip filmed for our birthday Q&A FG founder Michele and some of the senior FG teachers discuss the thinking behind the FG logo.

  • Washed

    New York students and teachers perform, pose and dance in the rain.

    Say hello to freedom and fun in our latest FG video.

  • Yoganimals

    A short art film exploring yoga, movement and our relationship with the natural world.

    "Animals can teach us so much about surrender, taking the time to drop out and meditate and how to relax. As well as about bravery and trust. Lean, lithe movement. Eating only what we need, moving every day, ...

  • Live Life with Fierce Grace

    Live Life with Fierce Grace

  • Unbalanced

    Featuring: Michele Pernetta, David Sye, Mark Oram, Bertie Russell, and Hortense Suleyman.

  • Fierce Grace and the Jungle Drummer

    Chris Polglase, aka The Jungle Drummer, is widely acknowledged as one of the best drummers in the U.K and he is one of the most prestigious live drummers in the DNB scene. After years of playing and a toxic combination of bad technique, diet, drinking and posture his hands were in a state of chro...