Beginners, Stiff and Injured

Beginners, Stiff and Injured

All classes in the FG 12 (excluding FG2 and Beast) our designed to be suitable for beginners, but for the particularly yoga shy the below is the gentlest introduction to Yoga, or particularly great for those who are working with a lot of stiffness. You can find suggested practice programmes for those new to yoga in our FAQs.

If you're injured our S.O.B. class is specially designed for those who are injured and need to learn modifications and how to work with them. This will give you the tools you need to feel confident attending the other classes and staying safe and we recommend starting with one of those classes, and a tutorial targeted at your injured area if available.

Beginners, Stiff and Injured
  • Introduction to FGTV On Demand with Michele

    Hello, overview, safety tips and how to. Meet Fierce Grace creator Michele and get ready to get fit, healthy and FG'd.

  • The FG Experience - A five week introduction to the Fierce Grace Method

    5 seasons

    Join us on a journey through your own possibilities. The FG Experience course is a powerful tool to help you create a strong foundation for your practice, and unlock your flexibility. Perfect for new students and those wanting to review or renew.

    This curated selection of five of the key FG clas...

  • S.O.B. (Stiff, Old or Broken)

    8 items

    Feeling Stiff? Old? Or Broken? (Or simply Sluggish, Off-colour and a bit Beaten?) Our yoga-physio class for the injured, the stiff, unfit is a powerful tool in injury rehabilitation, as well as a foundational class for technique. Great for those completely new to yoga too.

    Work on muscle strengt...

  • Working with Back Injuries in Yoga Classes with Michele

    Get expert tips for how to work with back pain or a back injury in online and offline yoga classes.

    This short 15 minute guide will give you some safety tips, and show some common mistakes in yoga poses.

    Michele discovered yoga while working with knee injuries and has a special interest in w...

  • Sun Salutation Tutorial Back Modifications with Michele

    The second part to Michele's Sun Salutation workshop showing how to safely perform the sequence if you have a bad back or stiff hips, or just generally a beginner.

    Get some tips and safety protocols for this wonderful Classical Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation warm up series if you are new, have a bad...

  • Back and Neck S.O.S with Michele

    Release, stretch, strengthen and lengthen your entire back, neck, and shoulders.

    This 20 minute reset for achy and stiff lower and upper backs, tight necks and locked up shoulders will not just leave you with more freedom and space, but also bring more stability to your core and spine.

    Yoga b...

  • Neck, Shoulder and Upper Back Release with Michele

    Michele will take you through a series of stretches to lengthen, open and release tension in your neck, shoulders, trapezius, deltoids and spine.

    The mainly floor based sequence will take you through poses that deliver traction and circulation to the spine and neck. Breath based micro-movements ...

  • Upper Body Opening with Chi

    An invigorating yet releasing blend of yoga, qui gong, deep breathing and stretches.

    Chi will lead you through both standing and floor poses to open up the upper body, chest, lungs, ribcage, heart and throat. You will finish feeling expanded and relaxed. This 50 minute class encompasses standin...

  • Hip Opening Sequence with Chi

    Take some time for your hips and spine with this special hip opening sequence, designed and taught exclusively for FGTV On Demand by Chi Uwahemu.

    In this 70 minute class, Chi will take you through both standing and seated postures, using movement, flow, and twists to work deep into glutes, hip ...

  • Working with Knee Injuries in Yoga Classes with Michele

    Tips and modifications for working with a knee injury in both online an offline yoga classes. Michele covers the three main types of knee pain and how to work with them in this 12 minute tutorial.

    Michele herself fixed both her knees with yoga and avoided knee surgery. She shares best practice ...

  • Tight Hamstring Tutorial with Daniel

    Daniel will take you through common alignment errors and solutions to four popular leg stretches - Prasarita, Leg Stretching Pose, Straddle & Half-Cow.

    This knowledge will carry through to other poses that require us to forward bend and stretch the legs with correct pelvis alignment. Especially...