Flexible in 4 Weeks

Flexible in 4 Weeks

4 Seasons


We have carefully designed this four week programme to deliver incredible results. Expect to lengthen, open, de-tangle and de-stress the body and mind. You will also strengthen supporting muscles and create stability while you safely improve your flexibility in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Classes, targeted workouts and tutorials will fast track you to a flexible supple body. In just 30-75 minutes a day you will feel your body get
stretched open and back to how it was designed to be - loose, agile and comfortable.

Our Flexible in 4 Weeks programme will gradually increase in level each week to keep you improving and building on what you have achieved the
week before. Every other day, days 1, 3 and 5, you will take deep stretch classes to open hips, legs, spine and shoulders. Every day in between,
days 2, 4 and 6, you will perform a balanced strength and flexibility class to continuously create a safe, strong foundation for your stretching and use your strength to create your flexibility. The 7th day is a softer approach, to allow the body to open and the mind to relax, leaving you recharged for the week ahead.

Use the drop downs below to view each week of the programme. Don't worry - we don't expect you to do every video you see! Each day there is a suggested 50-75 minute class, or a 20-30 minute class for when you are short on time. You can always revisit your favourite classes and mix and match them in.

You'll find a PDF you can download in each Week section which shows you day by day your practice options to help you plan your week.

Try to put aside an hour each day to see faster results but we understand sometimes that's not workable. The shorter version of the class allows you to maintain the momentum of your programme. If you’re enjoying working hard you can practise both!

The course intensifies as you work through it and gain more flexibility and stamina. Days 1, 3 and 5 focus on deep stretching. Days 2, 4 and 6
combine strength with flexibility to ensure a balanced progression. Day 7 is a relaxing stretch class to ease and open the whole body and an optional
bonus tutorial to support your knowledge of technique or alignment.

The variety of classes and time lengths are designed to make it easy and fun for you to keep working daily, feeling excited by the variety of
movements, classes and teachers. Learn a lot, stay motivated and see spectacular results in your body and energy.

If you have any questions about the programme or feedback we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch at [email protected]

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Flexible in 4 Weeks
  • Flexible in 4 Weeks - Week 2

    1.42 MB

  • Deep Core Groove in Tuscany with Michele

    Episode 1

    Get a taste for our annual Tuscany retreat as Michele takes you through a relaxed 70 minute version of Deep Core from the yoga deck of our Tuscany Retreat centre La Chimera.

    There is a suggested playlist below, to help you loosen up more deeply.

    A slightly different take on this popular class ...

  • Deep Core 30 with Michele

    Episode 2

    The deepest stretch out there in our ever popular Deep Core class taught by FG founder Michele.

    This condensed version of Deep Core brings you the best of the cult class that is favoured by both men and women alike, from athletes to the very stiff.

    Foundation standing poses improve alignment w...

  • Primal 75 with Oscar

    Episode 3

    Functional movement meets animal flow meets Fierce Grace. Get back your primitive, animal freedom with our popular Primal class taught by Oscar.

    Expect the key foundation poses from the FG system. A breath-led Warrior sequence, flowing dance-like moves coupled with groan inducing core and upper ...

  • Primal 30 with Michele

    Episode 4

    Get back your primitive, animal freedom with this condensed version of our popular Primal class, taught by Fierce Grace founder Michele Pernetta.

    Expect the key foundation poses from the FG system. A breath-led Warrior sequence, flowing dance like moves coupled with groan inducing core and uppe...

  • Intense Leg Stretch Sequence with Michele

    Episode 5

    Michele will take you through hip flexor, hamstring, quad, foot and pelvis openers to get your lower body loose and open ready for more advanced poses. Dragon, Crescent Lunges, Runners Stretch. Paschi, Quad Stretch, Janushirasana, Lifted Double Leg Stretch and more will increase your flexibility ...

  • Morning Stiffy #2 with Michele

    Episode 6

    A longer lasting morning sequence for when you feel stiff and in need of natural functional movements to get the whole body opened up and feeling free. Sometimes we just need a simple wake up and a pep in our walk.

  • Fierce Grace 60 #2 with Michele

    Episode 7

    Fierce Grace in 60 minutes.

    Each class varies slightly to keep us on our toes. Michele guides you through with expert modifications and suggestions in this shorter version of our flagship class. The popular flowing format, with stretching, strengthening, arms, abs and hip and leg opening this f...

  • Classic 30 Group Class with Michele in Tuscany

    Episode 8

    Get a taste for our annual Tuscany retreat by practising this user friendly group class.

    Classic 30 is a condensed version the popular alignment based class that equally strengthens and stretches.

    A classical yoga class the teaches discipline, focus and strength, easily accessible for the begin...

  • Hip Opening Sequence with Chi

    Episode 9

    Take some time for your hips and spine with this special hip opening sequence, designed and taught exclusively for FGTV On Demand by Chi Uwahemu.

    In this 70 minute class, Chi will take you through both standing and seated postures, using movement, flow, and twists to work deep into glutes, hip ...

  • Morning Energise with Oscar

    Episode 10

    Begin your day using breath work, slow flow, and focus, with this short sequence taught by Oscar Stevenson.

    Structured breathing woven into warrior moves, hip and spine awakening, and effective floor stretches all contribute to this sequence which is aimed at your morning time, to help awaken, i...

  • FG/FG2 30 Minute Mash Up with Michele

    Episode 11

    Michele will take you through a 30 minute mix of FG and FG2 for a fun, fast effective session to get you fit and fired up.

    Expect the framework of an FG class with some new poses, and a slightly faster pace.

    Level: All
    Props: Strap and block if needed

  • Short Flow Sequence with Michele in Tuscany

    Episode 12

    A great whole body workout suitable for all levels. Down Dog is a user friendly way to get strong, while also being in a relaxing inversion that lengthens spine, neck, hips and hamstrings. Perform leg stretches, hips, psoas, glutes and groin. Get strong and loose.

  • Morning Stiffy with Michele

    Episode 13

    A 14 minute sequence for when you feel stiff and in need of natural functional movements to get the whole body opened up and feeling free. Sometimes we just need a simple warm up to give us more space.

    Mich takes you through standing warm up to release hips, ribcage, back, neck, spine, shoulders...

  • Back and Neck S.O.S with Michele

    Episode 14

    Release, stretch, strengthen and lengthen your entire back, neck, and shoulders.

    This 20 minute reset for achy and stiff lower and upper backs, tight necks and locked up shoulders will not just leave you with more freedom and space, but also bring more stability to your core and spine.

    Yoga b...