Flexible in 4 Weeks

Flexible in 4 Weeks

4 Seasons


We have carefully designed this four week programme to deliver incredible results. Expect to lengthen, open, de-tangle and de-stress the body and mind. You will also strengthen supporting muscles and create stability while you safely improve your flexibility in as little as 30 minutes a day.

Classes, targeted workouts and tutorials will fast track you to a flexible supple body. In just 30-75 minutes a day you will feel your body get
stretched open and back to how it was designed to be - loose, agile and comfortable.

Our Flexible in 4 Weeks programme will gradually increase in level each week to keep you improving and building on what you have achieved the
week before. Every other day, days 1, 3 and 5, you will take deep stretch classes to open hips, legs, spine and shoulders. Every day in between,
days 2, 4 and 6, you will perform a balanced strength and flexibility class to continuously create a safe, strong foundation for your stretching and use your strength to create your flexibility. The 7th day is a softer approach, to allow the body to open and the mind to relax, leaving you recharged for the week ahead.

Use the drop downs below to view each week of the programme. Don't worry - we don't expect you to do every video you see! Each day there is a suggested 50-75 minute class, or a 20-30 minute class for when you are short on time. You can always revisit your favourite classes and mix and match them in.

You'll find a PDF you can download in each Week section which shows you day by day your practice options to help you plan your week.

Try to put aside an hour each day to see faster results but we understand sometimes that's not workable. The shorter version of the class allows you to maintain the momentum of your programme. If you’re enjoying working hard you can practise both!

The course intensifies as you work through it and gain more flexibility and stamina. Days 1, 3 and 5 focus on deep stretching. Days 2, 4 and 6
combine strength with flexibility to ensure a balanced progression. Day 7 is a relaxing stretch class to ease and open the whole body and an optional
bonus tutorial to support your knowledge of technique or alignment.

The variety of classes and time lengths are designed to make it easy and fun for you to keep working daily, feeling excited by the variety of
movements, classes and teachers. Learn a lot, stay motivated and see spectacular results in your body and energy.

If you have any questions about the programme or feedback we'd love to hear from you. Get in touch at [email protected]

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Flexible in 4 Weeks
  • Flexible in 4 Weeks - Week 1

    1.42 MB

  • Deep Core 75 with Michele in Tuscany

    Episode 1

    Michele guides this group class through a stabilising opening sequence concentrating on alignment. She then moves you into ever deepening leg, hip, glutei, pelvis and spine openings.

    Suitable for all levels.
    Blocks and strap useful for anyone with stiffness, knee issues or tight shoulders.


  • Morning Rites with Michele

    Episode 2

    A short refreshing morning ritual loosely inspired by the Tibetan Rites and our own WILD class. Morning Rites harks back to ancient times in a modern and fresh approach and delivers flexibility and a feeling of openness.

    We flush the body with oxygen through Fire Breath, stimulate the spine and ...

  • Introduction to the Deep Core Class

    Episode 3

  • Fierce Grace 60 Group Studio Class with Michele

    Episode 4

    The yoga class that does it all. The main class in the FG system taught by FG founder Michele with studio regulars at Fierce Grace Primrose Hill, pre-lockdown.

    A user-friendly but challenging general level class, Fierce Grace is everything you ever wanted in a yoga class. Multi-level, multi-sty...

  • Fierce Grace 30 with Michele

    Episode 5

    Our classically based yoga class with the FG hallmarks of strength, stamina, fluidity and relaxation with Founder Michele Pernetta. It all started here. The class that we designed to be easily adaptable for all levels.

    Everything you ever wanted in a yoga class. Multi-level, multi-style. Fluid ...

  • IN 75 with Kam

    Episode 6

    Improve joint mobility and open your whole body while gradually getting wound down, de-stressed and softened in our popular IN class taught by Kam.

    This entirely floor based yoga/physiotherapy class will reach deeper in to muscle, joints and attachments, releasing and stretching deeply. Releas...

  • IN 30 Group Class with Michele in Tuscany

    Episode 7

    A short version of our usual 75 minute class here we focus on legs, hips and spine. IN 30 in a Tuscan forest with a group of yogis. We first warm up in a whole body routine, then progress more and more deeply INwards. We finish with deep restorative relaxation.

  • S.O.B. (Stiff, Old or Broken) 75 with Shirley J

    Episode 8

    Our unique foundation yoga class for the beginner or the stiff, old, or broken taught by Shirley J.

    15 years in the making - this yoga/physio hybrid class is a powerful tool to create a solid foundation in your body and also in your yoga practice. Originally designed to help people with physical...

  • The Rush with Michele

    Episode 9

    The Rush increases strength, stamina and mobility, while counteracting shoulder, back, hip, neck and wrist stiffness from sitting at a desk.

    The 20 minute class is an effective set of exercises to do for any age or fitness level, when you're too busy to get to a full class. It can be performed ...

  • Complete Leg Stretching with Michele in Tuscany

    Episode 10

    A warm up prepares legs, hips and spine for gradually deepening stretches. Standing warrior poses, slow drills and hip and leg stretching poses will being balance, freedom and openness to all the leg, glute and hip muscles. A must for runners, yogis or anyone wanting to improve their yoga, genera...

  • Deep Core 30 #2 (Legs) with Michele

    Episode 11

    Practice key leg stretching yoga poses from our Deep Core class. Expect slow deep stretches to open up hamstrings, abductors, glutes and hip flexors.

    In this #2 version of Deep Core 30, Michele will guide you through safe steps, with guidance for props for the stiffer practitioner, or deeper op...

  • Fierce Grace 75 with Michele

    Episode 12

    Our signature Fierce Grace class but a little shorter with a few poses taken out and a few variations added in. 75 minutes of Flowing Warm up, Warrior Series, Balancing, Arm Strengthening, Core Work, Back Strengthening and Leg Stretching. With a couple of glamour poses thrown in.

    Work every inc...

  • Fierce Grace 30 #2 with Michele

    Episode 13

    Our classically based yoga class with the FG hallmarks of strength, stamina, fluidity and relaxation, taught by Michele.

    This is the second version of the 30 minute version of the class that we designed to be easily adaptable for all levels. Think everything you ever wanted in a yoga class. Mul...

  • Uplift and Relax with Michele in Italy

    Episode 14

    The one where Michele gets mauled by feral cat Grey Boy. Twice. 11 minutes of mood boosting opening poses and breath work, followed by ten minutes of affirmations and a deep guided relaxation. Guaranteed to leave you feeling renewed both mentally and physically. Extra cat-attack giggle factor inc...

  • Sun Salutation Tutorial with Michele

    Episode 15

    Learn the in depth alignment protocols for the FG Sun Salutation.

    Michele shares a teacher's workshop on how to correctly perform (or teach) this Classical Hatha Yoga Sun Salutation.

    Michele breaks the sequence down and shows where common mistakes can occur and how to ensure you get the most ...