30 Day Reset Challenge

30 Day Reset Challenge


Try our popular Fierce Grace 30 Day Reset Challenge On Demand. A 30 day challenge with deeper benefits for both body AND mind. Take a month to reset. Get back who you are. Re-discover your power and your connection with yourself. Be the force of nature you were born to be.

THE FG RESET will take you on a journey through the whole FG Yoga System, 250 poses, balancing your Fierce with your Grace, your power with your openness.

You'll move your body and mind in every way possible reaching in from every angle, both with power and with a soft touch. Get fit, increase cardio fitness, expand your breath and body awareness and develop your connection and sensitivity. Return your body to its natural animal fluidity and power.

The magic FG Reset formula = 7.16.7

To take part in the reset, do your own personal combination of all the classes in the FG Yoga System in this ratio over the month:

FIERCE GRACE - 16 classes from the Fierce Grace foundation section of the system (Fierce Grace, The Fix, FG2, Classic, Primal, Fierce AKA the Beast)
FIERCE - 7 Fierce classes from the strength and power side of the system (WILD, FIIT, Fly)
GRACE - 7 Grace classes from the flexibility and awareness side of the system (Deep Core, IN, S.O.B)

= Your 30 day reset for body mind and soul.


1) THE FG 12
Full versions of each of the 12 classes of the FG system - though feel free to practice any other lengths or versions available on FGTV. Just make sure you practice in the magic ratio outlined above across the month.

A free printable mark-off sheet to track your classes and a copy of the FG Flow Chart Poster

Weekly prerecorded Q&A sessions with Michele from the Reset challenge in 2021 to set you up for the next week – with tips to progress, what to expect along the way, and pose breakdowns.

Doing the challenge? Keep us posted on your progress #LivelifewithFierceGrace

30 Day Reset Challenge
  • FG Reset Q&A with Michele - Week 1

    Michele Answers questions about beginning a challenge. How to keep going. She demonstrates keys to yoga alignment, specifically of pelvis and lower back.

    She covers:
    Overview of a challenge
    Mental resistance
    Alignment de-mystified
    How deep should I go?
    How yoga detoxifies not just body, but emo...

  • FG Reset Q&A with Michele - Week 2

    Michele will cover:
    Knee issues
    Warrior series mistakes and demo
    What does an Advanced practise look like?
    Building muscle
    Why the beginning is so hard especially for a muscular person
    Strength vs flexibility
    Yoga and handling difficult emotions
    Standing Bow

  • FG Reset Q&A with Michele - Week 3

    Michele continues her live interactive sessions.

    This week she covers a large array of questions, tips and information including:

    - Padahastasana, Eagle and Prasarita alignment and tips for the stiffer person
    - How to work when one side of the body is weaker or stronger
    - How to work when you...

  • FG Reset Q&A with Michele - Week 4

    Michele answers questions in a recording of her live Q&A in Week 4 of The Reset Challenge.

    Her informative, humorous and down to earth replies and demonstrations illuminate areas we often don't get to discuss.

    Michele will also talk more generally about the benefits of yoga and our relationsh...

  • FG Reset Q&A with Michele - Week 5

    The final week of live Q&As for the Reset Challenge.

  • FG Method Flowchart A4

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  • FG 30 Day Reset Tracker Printable

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  • Fierce Grace 90 Group Class with Michele

    Everything you always wanted in a yoga class. The full 90 minute Fierce Grace class experience taught by FG founder Michele Pernetta, shot in pre-pandemic times at Sunbeam studios with Fierce Grace teachers, friends and regulars.

    Our signature, user-friendly but challenging general level class....

  • Deep Core 75 Group Studio Class with Michele

    The deepest stretch out there.

    Our popular Deep Core class taught by FG founder Michele Pernetta in a group setting.

    This cult class is favoured by both men and women alike, from athletes to the very stiff. Suitable for beginners and advanced students alike, Deep Core focusses mainly on the f...

  • Primal 75 Group Class with Kam in Tuscany

    Functional movement meets animal flow meets Fierce Grace. Get back your primitive, animal freedom with our popular Primal class taught by Kam Basi with Retreat guests in our Tuscan Yoga Shala.

    Expect the key foundation poses from the FG system. A breath-led Warrior sequence, flowing dance-like ...

  • Classic 75 Livestream with Matthew

    A recorded at home live-stream version of our entry level yoga class for alignment, strength and focus - Classic.

    Level: All levels form beginner to advanced
    Props: None, unless you like a block or strap for tight hips, knees or shoulders

    Taught by Matthew Burnett, demonstrated by Rozlynn Hobbs.

  • IN 75 Group Studio Class with Steve

    Improve joint mobility and open your whole body while gradually getting wound down, de-stressed and softened in our popular IN class with Steve Carter.

    This entirely floor based yoga/physiotherapy class will reach deeper in to muscle, joints and attachments, releasing and stretching deeply. R...

  • WILD 60 Group Studio Class with Oscar

    An uplifting cardio-kundalini, muscle-sculpting class. GET RIPPED (not torn.)

    WILD is a unique combination of Yoga’s strength poses, Kundalini Yoga, Core strengthening, Qui Gong, HIIT and Super Slow training. Constant movement combined with long slow strength holds bring about an effective comb...

  • S.O.B. (Stiff, Old or Broken) 75 with Shirley J

    Our unique foundation yoga class for the beginner or the stiff, old or broken taught by Shirley Jacobs.

    15 years in the making - this yoga/physio hybrid class is a powerful tool to create a solid foundation in your body and also in your yoga practice. Originally designed to help people with phys...

  • The Fix Group Studio Class with Lisa M

    The condensed version of everything with some added surprises taught by Lisa Missah.

    This is a super-charged class designed to maintain your practise when you are high on motivation but low on time. The Fix blends elements of all the classes, including the key foundation poses, core strength up...

  • FG2 90 with Michele

    A development of the main Fierce Grace class. Experiment with optional more advanced versions of poses, allowing deeper exploration for the intermediate, while beginners can remain safely in the earlier expression of the pose.

    Alchemical, unpredictable, magical freedom. Launch into uncharted te...

  • Fly 60 with Daniel

    Taught by Daniel Gleeson, Fly is a fluid multi-level class with foundation poses you know and love, punctuated with secrets & tricks of how to learn and develop your arm balancing poses.

    Learn how to tackle and master glamour poses such as Crow, Flying Splits, Forearm Stand, Flying Pigeon, and ...

  • FIERCE AKA "The Beast" 90 Livestream with Emma

    (Tame) Beast - a 90 min version of the full length FIERCE Advanced class.

    Designed to take you to the next level in strength, flexibility, balance, patience and sense of humour.

    Learn the developments of the poses you have learned in the other classes and the safe steps to master some of the ...

  • FIIT 50 with Michele


    What happens when classical yoga meets traditional Bootcamp and cardio drills in a high intensity interval training format? An east/west fusion that gets you FIIT FAAST.

    Expect a fluid yoga-inspired warm up, Yoga/HIIT hybrid dr...