Steve Carter

Steve Carter

Steve has cultivated a dedicated yoga practice over the last 10 years. After his first class with Fierce Grace founder Michele, Steve was hooked, he loved the mental and physical challenge the heat added to the practice.

Steve completed the first Fierce Grace Teacher Training in 2014. Since then, he has completed a variety of further courses, including the Fierce Grace Injury Modification course.

Alongside yoga, Steve is passionate about meditation, music and sound. He's worked with Tibetan bowls and gongs for over 15 years and uses them in many of his workshops. His passion for sound and meditation is reflected in his teaching, he always encourages his students to tap into the music and breathe to reach a meditative flow state.

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Steve Carter
  • Primal 60 with Steve

    Feel your animal freedom with our popular Primal class taught by Steve.

    Expect the key foundation poses from the FG system. A breath-led Warrior sequence, flowing dance-like moves coupled with groan inducing core and upper body strengthening, deep hip openers and relaxation. The expansiveness of...

  • Deep Core 90 with Steve

    Our popular Deep Core class taught by Steve. A slower version to give you extra time to settle into the deep hip, leg, pelvis spine and neck stretches.

  • IN 75 Group Studio Class with Steve

    Improve joint mobility and open your whole body while gradually getting wound down, de-stressed and softened in our popular IN class with Steve.

    This entirely floor based yoga/physiotherapy class will reach deeper in to muscle, joints and attachments, releasing and stretching deeply. Release ...