Emma was one of the first yoga students trained by our founder Michele Pernetta in 1995. She joined Michele when she opened the first hot yoga studio in 2000.

With over two decades of experience, Emma is one of our senior teachers and teaches on the Fierce Grace Teacher Training. Many students have been attending her classes since she first began teaching. She's also taught on all of the Teacher Training courses. Throughout her career, she's immersed herself in the yoga world by studying such systems as Ashtanga, Rocket yoga, Gong playing and Shamanism.

As a highly skilled teacher, Emma is the perfect instructor to guide beginners and help students establish a safe, enjoyable practice. However, with her extensive teaching experience, she’s also able to help those looking to advance their practice. Emma is a highly attentive teacher, you can expect to leave class feeling nurtured and challenged. She always aims to give students a little more than what they came for.

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  • Fierce Grace 60 with Emma

    The yoga class that does it all. The one hour version of the signature class in the FG system taught by Emma.

    A user-friendly but challenging general level class, Fierce Grace is everything you ever wanted in a yoga class. Multi-level, multi-style. Fluid and expansive. Strength and power balanc...

  • Primal 60 Livestream with Emma

    A recorded livestream version of Primal with FG teacher Emma. A simple powerful class aimed at the body’s full natural functional movement. Expect the key foundation poses from the FG system, a breath-led Warrior sequence coupled with groan inducing core and upper body strengthening, deep hip ope...

  • FIERCE AKA "The Beast" 90 Livestream with Emma

    (Tame) Beast - a 90 min version of the full length FIERCE Advanced class taught by our senior teacher, Emma.

    Designed to take you to the next level in strength, flexibility, balance, patience and sense of humour.

    Learn the developments of the poses you have learned in the other classes and the...