In Chimezie’s culture, his name embodies his life quest, which is to live a complete life and uphold the balance of the universe. This is why he makes cultivating balance his daily mission.

As a youngster, he excelled in martial arts, one of the first things that helped him to develop more mind-body awareness and discipline. Naturally, Chi was drawn to yoga and found himself captivated by hot yoga. He became one of the original Fierce Grace teachers who graduated from Teacher Training in 2014.

Chi's extremely passionate about the mind-body benefits of yoga as it helped increase his concentration and overcome mental blocks. His classes focus on uniting breath, sound and movement. Get ready to be captivated by his magical teaching style which will take your yoga to practice deeper than ever.

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  • Fierce Grace 60 with Chi

    The one hour version of the signature class in the FG system taught by Chi.

    A user-friendly but challenging general level class, Fierce Grace is everything you ever wanted in a yoga class. Multi-level, multi-style. Fluid and expansive. Strength and power balanced by depth and relaxation. The Fie...

  • Upper Body Opening with Chi

    An invigorating yet releasing blend of yoga, qui gong, deep breathing and stretches.

    Chi will lead you through both standing and floor poses to open up the upper body, chest, lungs, ribcage, heart and throat. You will finish feeling expanded and relaxed. This 50 minute class encompasses standin...

  • Hip Opening Sequence with Chi

    Take some time for your hips and spine with this special hip opening sequence, designed and taught exclusively for FGTV On Demand by Chi Uwahemu.

    In this 70 minute class, Chi will take you through both standing and seated postures, using movement, flow, and twists to work deep into glutes, hip ...