Mel L

Mel L

Mel first discovered yoga in her teens. After health problems affected her parents that she felt could have been prevented by being more aware and connected to their bodies, she felt compelled to stay connected with her mind, body and spirit and guide others to do so.

With 14 years of yoga teaching under her wing, Mel is an experienced teacher. She trained in Hatha yoga in 2006, Bikram in 2011, Forrest Yoga in 2013, Fierce Grace in 2014, Pole Fitness in 2018 and Shakti Dance in 2019. She's also trained in injury modification, making her the perfect teacher to guide your practice if you're suffering from injuries.

In class, you'll find a sense of freedom and spiritual connection as Mel encourages you to push your body with compassion. Prepare to get deep, work hard and have fun.

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Mel L
  • Primal 60 with Mel

    Functional movement meets animal flow meets Fierce Grace. Get back your primitive, animal freedom with our popular Primal class, the 60 minute version, taught by Mel L.

    Expect the key foundation poses from the FG system. A breath-led Warrior sequence, flowing dance-like moves coupled with groan...

  • Shiva Shakti Freeform Flow with Mel

    A combination of yoga, movement, dance, stretching and floor work will get you feeling loose, free and sexy. Flow free in this session with Mel Lowe.

    Shiva Shakti is an art of self expression. Stretching flowing floor asanas to promote energy move into standing dance steps linked with your breat...